Wednesday, September 14, 2016

How technology helps to organize in person/offline meetups

This month, members of the Valuepickr forum ( decided to meet up in person. As a fellow member suggested half jokingly, such meetings may be a sign of market touching a bubble (people showing more interest in value investing :D), but I digress. For Mumbai, the effort kickstarted with members getting added to a whatsapp group and expressing desire to meet, but noone stepping forward to 'bell the cat'. I did the honours by suggesting a venue, and finally others chipped in with comments/suggestions and finally the event happened with 45 attendees with the meeting report below

Though technology does distance us from the offline world, it can act as a force multiplier as well. For example, below tools were helpful

  1. Instamojo for collecting payments at a cost of just 4% (pricing was 2%+Rs 3/txn+tax)
  2. Meetup for getting publicity to the event and ensuring RSVP/certain details
  3. Whatsapp as a communication tool
  4. Gmail for sharing presentations and coordinates
  5. Valupickr for starting the critical mass and getting people.
  6. Breathingroom for helping get meeting rooms-though we discarded it it was still of great help to book a venue on demand
So far, without payments integration in India, Meetup is not an end-end platform. 

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