Monday, September 12, 2016

How technology creates the fear of missing out(FOMO)

How many times did you

  •  take a selfie/photo to post on Facebook/Instagram instead of enjoying the moment
  • Check your mobile phone to see notifications
  • Get disturbed by your smartphone beeps
  • Pay more attention to the online world than office world
  • Keep scrolling down into the 'infinite' scroll
  • Stop at the top few choices presented to you on Google Search, Zomato
  • Feel the need to ratify your investment decision on moneycontrol?
  • Stalk long lost friends and see the list of exotic places they had gone(and feel envy)
If you have ticked the box on any of these, welcome to the world of FOMO. While I was reading online on mental models, this one caught my attention, and I came across a really superb article below which highlights the problem with false choices, social media driven ADD etc. 

To avoid FOMO which may drive impulsive decisions, one should restrict social media( OK maybe not delete your accounts but track them only once a week, with the comment that anything urgent would be checked weekly). 

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