Thursday, April 14, 2016

Coca Cola New PET technology possible game changer?

While reading the Coca Cola conference Call transcript at the CAGNY(Consumer analysts group of New York), I stumbled across this nugget relating to India, which I could not find publicly available online, and hence thought worth sharing.

So, right now, in the coming day s, we'll be launching a new package in India. It's a completely new technology of PET, a completely redesigned bottle. And the principal problem with small PET bottles in countries like India, which are very hot, is the smaller the bottle, the faster you lose the carbonation and, therefore, the shorter the shelf life. And that has alway s been the key limitation to us having very small PET bottles in very hot countries at affordable price points. This new technology allows us to break through that barrier. It's going to enable us to have a longer shelf life through the design of the bottle and a proprietary coating, it'll be not just longer shelf life but lighter weight.

 And the margin will be 15% to 25% margin improvement over the current small PET bottle. And that's going out literally in the coming days. And I think that's a very exciting development for affordability with a very small size in India, and something that can get much more distribution than we've been able to achieve so far.

While the response would be interesting, this development is relevant in the light of the recent controversy on PET/plastic packaging. If this succeeds, we could see more share of throat of Coke

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